Friday, 6 January 2012

First Failure of the year

(I don't have any pictures that relate to this post, but thought I would randomly throw in some pics of my boys playing with their new flashlight rings they received for Christmas)

So I decided a month ago that once the holidays were over it was time for a cleanse. Not as a New Year's resolution (I don't make those), but as a I-will-be-eating-lots-of-junk-therefore-will-feel-like-junk decision.

I did some research and found the cleanse that I felt would be best. Because I have been feeling ultra gross, I went for the ultra cleanse. You can read what it involves here. I of course opted for option #2 (which is the more difficult option, for those of you that don't want to read about it). I didn't like the idea of eating raw veggies in the winter, because I get so cold. The warm broth sounded so warm and cozy to me. Also, I love the idea of being able to drink all of my meals. After spending all day preparing food for the kids, I just can't bare spending another moment preparing food for myself. I know. Why don't I just eat what they eat? Everyone asks me that. Well the reason is they eat all the food. If I make more, they eat more, so I have to make my own food or not eat at all. That's what having three growing boys means. A grocery bill that is more than the mortgage!! :)

Anyways, back on track, I began my cleanse this past Monday, and lasted until dinner time on Tuesday. I watched Food Inc. with my kids on Tuesday to try and put me off food, but unfortunately it just made me hungrier (if you haven't seen Food Inc. you should. Like right now!).When my husband came home from work I was totally faint and out of it. My head was spinning every time I stood up, and all I wanted to do was sleep. So ya, "duh" I said to myself. Trying to do a cleanse that involves no food is maybe not such a great idea when I have three boys to take care of as well as during the week activities were coming into full swing. Actually the most difficult part of the cleanse was drinking the detox drink. No matter how many different ways I tried to mix it, it would alway coagulate, and I would have to gag it down. Three times a day! It got to the point where the smell of if it would stimulate my gag reflex. Yuck! I am drinking it happily now, without coagulating or gaging issues.

I don't feel like a failure. I  just over estimated what I can handle, which is a lesson I need to learn. I am on the strict diet, and enjoying eating again. It's funny how just a day and a half without food has given me a new appreciation of eating, and food preparation.

So it was my first attempt, and I'm not going to let it discourage me from future attempts, I will just look at timing it better in the future.

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