Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Testing for TrashN2Tees

I had the pleasure of testing out TrashN2Tees first applique pattern, with my two littles, and we had a blast! I let my boys choose their fabrics from my ever growing scrap pile, as well as place the pieces of their trucks on their shirts. They kept trying to sneak peeks at the paper showing different ways to put the trucks together, but I really wanted them to be creative, and not be influenced in any way.

Before I show you the tees let me share a little info with you about TrashN2TeesTrashN2Tees, run by Jenelle, has diverted more than 20 tons of clothing from our waste stream and she has created the patterns as a call to action for others to join her in her movement to change the way we consume and create. On the side she is working on the Create Change Movement App, which I am very excited about! It will be an app where you can search for ways to re-use items that are likely on their way to the dump, so rather then throwing out your unwanted trash, you can turn it into something useful, creating less waste! I love it! You can also check out her blog where she is running DIYU: School for Crafting Misfits.

And now onto the Trucks! Here are the two completed versions. Jasper's on the left and Jude on the right. 

Jasper's Truck and assembly process.
This is Jasper's truck. I was a little leery when he was picking out his fabric choices. He was all about the stripes, and I thought it would be too busy, but it came together perfectly and I love the finished product. I made one suggestion and that was to move the 6 onto the truck because I couldn't see it on the flag. He agreed it would be more visible there, so we moved it in the final sewing.

I of course decided to make the tees for them, so I picked out the fabric for their tees, they had no interest in picking their t-shirt fabrics. 

Here is Jasper in his rad truck hoodie! 

Happy Dance!
This was Jude's fabric selection and process. Again, I was thinking too much blue, but he also impressed me with his choices, because it came together perfectly. I also made a switch on his because there wasn't room on his shirt for the flame on the front of the truck so we moved it to the wheel. 

The shirt fabrics. Jude wanted a long sleeve, not a hoodie. He was very specific about his request.

Love it!

And this is often what happens when I point the camera at Jude! He takes off!

So all in all it was a fun project, and I was so happy to have my boys involved in the creative process. They also love their shirts so much more, because they had a hand in creating them.

I also managed to put a tiny dent in my mountainous scrap pile so that was fantastic too:)

So if you are looking for a fun project you can work on with your kids as well as a way of using up some scraps, head on over to TrashN2Tees and pick up your copy of the appliqué. She will be releasing the pattern today!


  1. Now that's a scrap pile Jamie! I wanna dive right in. Is that weird??

    Thanks for sharing your experience with TrashN2Tees Monster Truck pattern- I'm excited to share it with the world & encourage more people to reuse their clothing.

    The pattern is available here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/125497884/pdf-pattern-monster-truck-applique-by?

    It's the first of 3 in my Ride Series. Any idea what's coming out next?

  2. No problem! I am happy to share your talent.

    Jude's guesses are a normal car, bike, scooter and a punch buggy :D

    1. OooOh he's good.

      Ya know I've had a few requests for punch/dune buggies... maybe I should get on that!?

  3. I LOVE how the trucks turned out! Great job!


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