Friday, 8 March 2013

"Saving the world is hard work"

Last night Rob picked us up from the dance studio and dropped us off at home, before heading back out for another job. He invited Jas and Jude to go along with him. When they returned home, Rob told me the kids had said the sweetest things.

So just to give you a bit of background info, we live on the West Coast of BC and are fortunate to have forest surrounding us. The drive from our home to Rob's job is particularly forested, so clear cutting really stands out. There also were logging trucks along their drive.

This is a snippet of what the boys were discussing on the drive:

"Daddy, if there are no more trees we wont be able to breathe.
They need to stop taking our trees away. He needs to stop selling our trees and all of our stuff.

We need to all get together and hold hands and talk.

It is hard for us to save the world. We need to get together, share, hold hands and talk."

As well as the title of this post.

1 comment:

  1. "We need to all get together and hold hands and talk."

    If it were only so easy.. I envy their innocence and optimism.

    Good job Jamie, you're doing a great job raising your boys!!


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