Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Summer Business

It's summer, and even though we are home learners, activities slow down significantly for us.This year we have been pretty fortunate to get away quite a bit, but it is nice to have something to do in our down time. 

My children have many things that they want, but being a family of five on one income, we cannot always provide them with their wants. Needs come first.

My oldest has been looking for ways to make money, and a couple of weeks ago I suggested selling grain free baked goods, which he loved the idea of. All three boys were totally into the idea. I gave them a rough idea of how to run a business, like they will sell the goodies, but they will need to put some of that money back into ingredients, and then they can divide the rest between them.

We also figured out the cost of ingredients to price the goodies so they can make a profit.

They did a bake sale in our driveway last week, and it was pretty slow. We live on a very quite street, so they lasted an hour before they were ready to call it a day. They did have a couple of customers that came by because they saw my post on Facebook, one very lovely woman who stopped on her way home, and then another friend who came by after dinner and basically bought up all their leftovers! Then my aunt placed an order for two dozen muffins from them! I was praying for $5, but they did amazingly well!

They will be baking up some more goods today to bring to the park, and then next week we will set up a Facebook page for them to take orders, so they don't have to sit in our driveway:)

Not only is it a fun way for them to make a bit of spending money, but they also are getting a great learning experience!

Cookies, brownies and muffins were on the menu for the first sale.

Cutest bakers on the block!

Best part! They were hoping not to sell anything, so they could EAT all the goodies!

We hope you are enjoying your summer!

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