Monday, 21 October 2013

KCWC Day 1 Fall 2013

Day 1 of KCWC is here and I actually completed one piece! Yay! I really didn't think I would. It may be the only thing I make this week, because I just don't have time, or energy to sew these days. I will share more on that later.

Here is what I made:

Jasper is in need of hoodies. He has grown out of the Urban Hoodie I made him last year, so I made a new one. This one is also from a thrifted t-shirt. It isn't often I find XXXL t-shirts at the thrift shop that are awesome! So this was a total score.

Jude decided he wanted to be in the pictures, which is not common. They are so sweet!

This is a size 7. It fits perfectly.

We picked this skeleton up at the dollar store yesterday (why exactly is it called a dollar store when almost nothing is a dollar?) and Jude insists on bringing it everywhere with us.

A new hoodie just in time for the cool weather. 

The boys found some cute mushrooms on our morning walk. I have never seen these ones before. 

I had big plans for KCWC, such as new zip up hoodies for the boys, as well as pants, vests and PJ's. You should see the amazing blue cord I found at the thrift shop! It's electric blue. I hope to make it in to cords for Jude at some point. This week may not work out though.

Have a great week!

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