Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Holiday Gift Swap

This year I was very excited to participate in my very first Gift Swap! I learned about the gift swap from Freshley Picked, and was quick to jump on board. I love the idea of creating gifts, sending them out to the world and receiving gifts back in return. It's so exciting! Each time a package arrived felt like Christmas. I would have to shoo everyone away, so I could open it in private, in case I was going to gift it to anyone in my home. Which I am. 
These two arrived first. I love gifts that are practical. We don't have a pot holder, and have been using dish towels instead, so this is perfect for us. Not only is it practical, it is also pretty, AND matches our dining room chairs. She makes beautiful crochet items and shares them on her blog which you can find here. The coasters I was pretty excited about. Like practically squealing, because Rob has been bugging me about placing my mugs on the window sills (we really don't have anywhere else for me to place them when I am in the living room) and I had plans to make him coasters for his stocking this year! So seriously! How perfect is this?! They are WAY nicer than anything I would have made, and it will keep Rob of my back:)

This beautiful photo arrived next. It was taken in Jasper national park, so obviously this one is also going to be gifted to our home, seeing as how my 5 year old is Jasper. It's also a beautiful picture, and we don't have any nature shots in our home, so this is perfect. It has a very grand feeling to it, yet serene at the sametime. I really like it. 

All you need is love. A beautiful reminder. I'm on a journey right now of choosing happiness, love and compassion in my life, so this fits perfectly into my world.

This beautiful necklace was made, and sent to me from Beso. They make beautiful jewellery, which I don't have a lot of, so this was a very nice surprise.

And last but not least, a re-usable bag. It was perfect because I went to pick this up from the post office on my way to the grocery store. La Compra means Groceries in spanish. Though probably only in Spain she wrote, which is where she sent this from. 

One of the things that I find so fantastic, is that these gifts came from all over. Women I have never met, all sharing talents to provide gifts for our family and friends. It just feels so right. 

Thank you so much to Say Yes to Hoboken and Freshly Picked for putting this gift swap together!

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