Tuesday, 20 December 2011

An early Christmas present for.....


I don't like to spend money on myself. I always feel a little guilty when I do, so for months I have been pining over this beautiful photography book, and entered a few contests to win it, but without any success. Finally I decided it's okay to get myself a little something, especially because it will help improve my photo taking skills, giving us beautiful pictures to look back on, so it really is for all of us. At least that's how I am justifying it for myself:)

The book is by Katie Evans Photography, and is called The Key to Taking Pictures Like a Professional Photographer.

Just the cover photo sold me on this book!

Here is a quick peek inside the book for a preview of tips she shares:

 I find lenses overwhelming and have no idea where to start, so this information will be useful once I start looking for a new lens.

This tip is fantastic. It's simple, but not something I consider when I am taking a picture, but what a difference it makes.

I have also been spending a bit of time on Katie Evans blog where you can also find some great tutorials like:

so if you aren't ready to buy the book, you can still gain some great tools on her blog, as well as checking out all her beautiful photos. 

I purchased the eBook because I just couldn't wait any longer than I already have. I quickly skimmed through the pages, and can see that there are a lot of helpful tips for lighting (I am super excited to read more about lighting. I really struggle with finding natural light), framing, editing (which I really need help with. Photoshop scares me) and more.

More then anything I am looking forward to experimenting with the tips in this book and hopefully improving my photo taking skills.

The best thing is that right now the eBook and hardcover book are on sale until Dec 31st. Check out the deal here.

P.S. I am in no way being compensated for this post. I am just super excited to share this great book with all of you, and love to promote hardworking, talented women, and give them the credit they deserve. 

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