Thursday, 8 January 2015

Buffalo Leather Moccasins

I have a new favourite pair of moccasins!

I am in love with the new buffalo hides I purchased! When the holidays ended I was ecstatic to finally have time to cut into the Peanut hide, and make a pair of moccasins.

This leather is thick and durable. It was tougher to cut and sew (I have the cuts and blisters on my hands to prove it!) but worth the extra work.

I think these make a handsome pair of moccasins. The fringe can be omitted for anyone craving a less flashy look.

I love that my work can be so portable. I sewed these at a coffee shop in town while I waited for a hair appointment. 

If you are looking for a strong, durable pair of moccasins, that are also fashionable, you can find these in my shop. I love making custom orders, so feel free to send me a message with any questions you may have. 

Happy New Year! I hope this is your best year EVER!!

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