Friday, 1 February 2013

Watermarks, at last!

In preparation for my upcoming spotlight feature for Babiekins Magazine, Robert decided to create and add watermarks to my photos! Yay! 

Watermarks are essential in this day and age, what with people's photos being stolen on a regular basis. Now I have my own lovely watermark to add to my pics! 

Aren't they lovely? 

These are the photos we submitted for the spotlight feature in Babiekins. Rob edited them for me, and added the watermark. 

As I was searching for photos to use, I realized that it is really time for me to sew some new clothes for the boys!! In almost every picture they were wearing the exact same outfits, over and over and over. Which is why I am so excited about the Sew Fab ePattern Bundle Sale!! I will have a huge selection of fabulous new patterns to work with! So keep an eye out here for some new pics of the clothes I make. There will be the new challenge of zipper fly pants! Eek! But I look forward to the learning experience:)

Oh and the rock wall! Rob was concerned that every picture had the rock wall as a background. I personally like it, but I guess it can be a bit much, which is why he edited the one photo so the background was black and white. I really love that pic! The clothes stand out much better with the background edited.

What do you think? Do you love the watermark? Is the rock wall too much? Are you as excited about the pattern sale as I am??

Take care.

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