Friday, 15 June 2012

Uptown Hat-Pattern Testing for HeidiandFinn

I had the pleasure of testing out another HeidiandFinn pattern last week, and after testing out the Urban Weekender Coat, I was very much looking forward to testing another of their patterns. They are easy to follow and always turn out amazing!

I was feeling a little cocky after putting together the coat, and thought the hat would be a breeze. I tried to rush through it, and had terrible results. On my second attempt, when I actually followed the directions, I had a super cute hat, that my son is proud to wear.

Here is the new Uptown hat, which is now available for sale in HeidiandFinn's Etsy shop:

The hat comes in two versions and I'm excited to try out the second version. There are also a few ideas on how to fun up the hat with buttons, patches etc.. I decided to keep it simple this time and let the fabric be the party!

I hope you all have a great weekend, and Father's Day! I'm going fishing with my man and then sewing my face off (because the face is a key component in sewing, didn't you know) to finish 8-10 outfits for National Aboriginal Fashion Week! Wish me luck:)

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