Tuesday, 4 October 2011

More Boy Sewing

I have been making more of an effort to focus on creating more boy clothing. There is just so much out there for girls, that I thought it was time to change my focus. I will still be creating girl clothing, because I have a huge stash of fabric that would probably be more desirable for girls. Not that I like to put a label on items being for girls or boys, but, you know what I mean.
I made this rainbow shirt for Jas. 

He was loving this forced smile :)

A pumpkin long sleeve for my little pumpkin.

This long sleeve was inspired by halloween. Purple and Green stripes, with a solid green back.

This shirt you may remember from a previous post in the summer. I found this shirt on one of my Win Your Discount Wednesday trips.

This shirt is just so adorable. It was meant for a little guy. I added stripy sleeves for a bit of fun. 

These pants are just so fun! I love bright colours and stripes for boys! The cuffs I decided to make dark to hide dirt.

The long sleeve raglans have been made using the pattern in Sewing for Boys.

I have more long sleeves in the works, hoodies and pants of course, but I hope to make some rompers in the near future as well as trying out some jackets.

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